Coaches Code of Conduct


Coaches play a vital role in the development of the game of golf and also in the lives of the players
they coach. Good coaches ensure positive experiences and youngsters are therefore more likely to
continue in the game and achieve their potential.

The golf coach therefore carries tremendous responsibility. Coaches must be honest and fair, and
also demonstrate integrity and competence.

This code of conduct reflects best practice in coaching. All coaches holding level 1 qualifications are
required to abide by this code.

This code will therefore:

  • Form a constituent part of a policy and procedure for dealing with allegations and complaints
  • Be used as a guide of coaching practice in determining any need for sanctions against a coach.
  • Be integrated into the golf coach education process
  • Be assessed as part of the golf coach accreditation process

Good Golf Coaching practice needs to reflect the following key principles:

  • Rights – respect the rights of everyone to participate in the game
  • Relationships – develop relationships based on openness, trust and respect
  • Responsibilities:
    • Personal – demonstrate proper personal behaviour and conduct
    • Professional – attain a high level of competence through appropriate qualifications and a
      commitment to ongoing training that ensures safe and correct practice


Coaches should:

  • Assist in the creation of an environment where every individual has the opportunity to
    participate in golf
  • Create and maintain an environment free of fear and harassment
  • Recognise the rights of all players to be treated as individuals
  • Treat everyone with respect at all times
  • Not discriminate on the grounds of gender, race, colour, disability, sexuality, age, occupation,
    religion or political opinion


Golf Coaches:

  • Must not engage in behaviour that constitutes any form of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional,
    neglect, bullying)
  • Should promote the welfare and best interests of their players
  • Must avoid sexual intimacy with players, either during or after the coaching relationship
  • Should empower players to be responsible for their own decisions and actions.
  • Should be aware of the physical needs of players
  • Need to seek approval and consent of players before making any physical contact with them

Responsibilities – Personal Standards

Golf Coaches:

  • Must be fair, honest and considerate to all players
  • Should project an image of health, cleanliness and functional efficiency
  • Need to be positive role models for players
  • Must display high standards in terms of manner, punctuality, preparation, presentation and
  • Must promote a professional attitude at all times

Responsibilities – Professional Standards

Golf Coaches will:

  • Provide a safe environment for all players
  • Provide a quality service
  • Promote the benefits to society of participation in golf
  • Help to develop golf by exchanging knowledge and ideas with others
  • Attend courses to develop their understanding and knowledge of coaching appropriate to the
    level at which they coach
  • Plan all sessions to meet the needs of players which are progressive and appropriate
  • Reflect and evaluate your own performance and professional needs