Who can Join?

In order to join the Grow Golf Coaches Association you have to have completed and passed the PGA’s Grow Golf Coaching Course.

To maintain membership an annual membership fee of R250 has to be paid and to be in possession of a Grow Golf coaching licence issued by the PGA

In order to hold a Grow Golf coaching licence the coach has to be in good standing with the Grow Golf Coaches Association both financially and ethically, has to be a bona fide school teacher and to be working under the auspices of a PGA professional.

What can a Grow Golf Coach do?

In the Grow Golf Coaching Certification Courses you will learn how to:

Provide a safe Environment for coaching
Develop a Long Term Athlete Development program
  Plan and deliver a Coaching Session
  Teach foundation level Golfers according to the PGASA approved methodology

What you will gain by becoming a member of the Grow Golf Coaching Association is the right to hold a Grow Golf coaching licence (which is renewed annually) and share in the combined knowledge and experience of literally hundreds of coaches posted in one convenient Web Page. Through sharing our knowledge, experiences, successes and failures GGCA members will all be able to make golf fun for juniors and develop Long Term Participants in the game.

As this is a community based web site we would love to hear from you!

What’s new in your area ?
What lessons worked ?
What didn’t work ?
Clever new lessons that you’ve tried ?
Student achievements etc. ?

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